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RFI Consultative Examination Services for the Disability Determination Branch (DDB)

Agency: State Government of Hawaii
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Q - Medical Services
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD10986574871351444
Posted Date: Feb 10, 2019
Due Date: Feb 22, 2019
Solicitation No: RFI2019
Source: https://hands.ehawaii.gov/hand...

General Information

Department Solicitation Number RFI2019
Jurisdiction Executive
Department Human Services
Division Vocational Rehabilitation & Services to the Blind
Category Health and Human Services
Type of Notice Request for Information (RFI)
Solicitation Title RFI Consultative Examination Services for the Disability Determination Branch (DDB)
Solicitation Description Before issuing a Request for Proposals for consultative examination services for persons who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits and persons who currently have Social Security Benefits statewide, DDB is seeking, through this RFI, expressions for interest to provide consultative examinations and comments on the availability of potential service providers in the areas of internal medicine, psychiatry, psychology, orthopedics and physiatry. Services are needed for the State of Hawaii. DISABILITY DETERMINATION BRANCH: The DDB is fully funded by the Federal Government, are State agencies responsible for developing medical evidence and rendering the initial determination on whether the claimant is or is not disabled or blind under the law. Usually, the DDB tries to obtain evidence from the claimant's own medical sources first. If that evidence is unavailable or insufficient to make a determination, the DDB will arrange for a Consultative Examination (CE) in order to obtain the additional information needed. The claimant's treating source is the preferred source for the CE; however, the DDB may also obtain the CE from an independent source if: • The treating source prefers not to perform the examination; • There are conflicts or inconsistencies in the file that cannot be resolved by going back to the treating source; • The claimant prefers another source and has a good reason for doing so; or • Prior experience indicates that the treating source may not be a productive source. CONSULTATIVE EXAMINATION GUIDELINES: DDB plans procurement for consultative examinations in the areas of internal medicine, psychiatry, orthopedics, physiatry, and psychology Statewide. The type of examination and/or test (s) purchased depends upon the specific additional evidence needed for adjudication. If an ancillary test (e.g., X-ray, PFS or EKG) will furnish the additional evidence needed for adjudication, the DDB will not request or authorize a more comprehensive examination. If the examination indicates that additional testing may be warranted, the medical source must contact the DDB for approval before performing such testing. SELECTION OF A CONSULTATIVE EXAMINATION SOURCE The DDB purchases consultative examinations only from qualified medical sources. By "qualified," we mean that the medical source must be currently licensed in the State and have the training and experience to perform the type of examination or test we request. Also, the medical source must not be barred from participation in our programs. The medical source must also have the equipment required to provide an adequate assessment and record of the existence and level of severity of the individual's alleged impairments. Medical sources who perform CEs must have a good understanding of SSA's disability programs and their evidence requirements. The medical source chosen may use support staff to help perform the consultative examination. Any such support staff (e.g., X-ray technician, nurse, etc.) must meet appropriate licensing or certification requirements of the State. CONSULTATIVE EXAMINATION REPORT CONTENT The examination report should include the claimant's claim number and a physical description of the claimant, to help ensure that the person being examined is the claimant. The detail and format for reporting the results of the medical history, physical examination, laboratory findings, and discussion of conclusions should follow the standard reporting principles for a complete medical examination. The report should be complete enough to enable an independent reviewer to determine the nature, severity and duration of the impairment, and, in adults, the claimant's ability to perform basic work-related functions. The history and physical examination must be provided as a narrative of the findings. Conclusions in the report must be consistent with the objective clinical findings found on examination and the claimant's symptoms, laboratory studies, and demonstrated response to treatment and on all available information, including the history. The report, for adults, should include a description, based on the medical source's own findings, of the individual's ability to do basic work-related activities. It should not include an opinion as to whether the claimant is disabled under the meaning of the law. SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS All CE reports must be personally reviewed and signed by the medical source who actually performed the examination. The medical source doing the examination or testing is solely responsible for the report contents and for the conclusions, explanations or comments provided. The source's signature on a report annotated "not proofed" or "dictated but not read" is not acceptable. A rubber stamp signature or signature entered by another person, such as a nurse or secretary, is not acceptable. Generally, medical sources are selected based on appointment availability, distance from a claimant's home and ability to perform specific examinations and tests. HOW THE DDS REVIEWS CONSULTATIVE EXAMINATION REPORTS The DDS is obligated to review the CE report to determine whether the specific information requested has been furnished. The CE report must: • Provide evidence that serves as an adequate basis for disability decision making in terms of the impairment it assesses. • Be internally consistent. Are all the diseases, impairments and complaints described in the history adequately assessed and reported in the clinical findings? • Do the conclusions correlate the medical history, the clinical examination and laboratory tests, and explain all abnormalities? • Be consistent with the other information available within the specialty of the examination requested. • Did the report fail to mention an important or relevant complaint within that specialty that is noted in other evidence in the file (e.g., blindness in one eye, amputations, pain, alcoholism, depression)? • Be adequate as compared to the standards set out in the course of a medical education. • Be properly signed. If the report is inadequate or incomplete, the DDS will contact the medical source and ask the medical source to furnish the missing information or prepare a revised report. Fees for CEs are set by each State and may vary from State to State. Each State agency is responsible for comprehensive oversight management of its CE program. Submittal deadline for response to the RFI: Responses to this RFI are requested by March 02, 2018. Form of response requested: Interested parties are requested to call or reply in writing to any services stated in the RFI. Responses may be of any length and in any format elected by respondents and will serve to accomplish the work required by the procurement. Responses may be sent by telephone, mail, fax, or email. Date and location of orientation meeting: An orientation meeting is not planned as part of this RFI. DDB contact person: Responses to this RFI or questions concerning it should be addressed to : George Yamashiro at 808-979-7056 or 800-362-1526, extension 7056 or fax 808 973-1399. Mailing Address: George Yamashiro, Professional Relations Officer Disability Determination Branch P.O. Box 2458 Honolulu, Hi 96804 Email address: George.yamashiro@ssa.gov Hand Deliveries: Disability Determination Branch 1580 Makaloa St., 6th Floor Honolulu, Hi 96814 Please note that participation in this request for information process is optional, and is not required in order to respond to any subsequent procurement by the Department of Human Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Neither the Department of Human Services nor any interested party has any obligation under this request for information. The Department of Human Services reserves the right to incorporate in a solicitation, if issued, any recommendations presented in the response to the request for information.
Release Date 02/08/2019
Offer Due Date & Time (HST) 02/22/2019 02:00 PM
Islands Statewide
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Files RFI 02019.doc
Commodity Code(s) 923130 Social Security Administration (SSA), federal


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